Yakko the cat was adopted by greg canavera from the Boulder Humane Society, October 2004.

Yakko's a complete nut, even though he looks sedate in his photos. He's a bit odd, but really is a great little guy, and we're happy to have him in our house.

We've had 2 great experiences with animal adoption, and highly recommend doing so if you're considering finding a pet. Please consider making a donation to your local shelter, or ours (Yakko approved!).

Do you know Yakko?

If so, we need your help -- we received little information upon adoption other than his name and that he came from California. (and a guess at his age, which we're pretty sure is wrong).

I'd like to know more about his

  • medical history;
  • upbringing;
  • age;
  • and diet.

email us

thanks! greg & Yakko

Visit Yakko's Catster page:

yakko's glamour shot